Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome to life

I have been away for way too long to even remember when I last posted on this blog. While I cannot make a list of all the changes that came my way, I can definitely sum it up as something that changed me as a person. At the same time someone told me, 'Welcome to life!' May be this is what growing up feels like.
We live planning for lots of good things but rarely do we plan for uncertainties in life. We never plan to meet someone special and falling in love, although we can plan for a wedding. We can plan for treatments and hospital visits but never can we plan to deal with life-threatening disease or even death of someone close to your heart. We can plan for what we want to do at the current job and build aspirations but not for changes which force you to change jobs. We make fun plans to hangout with all the friends in the city we live in but we are left unsure when end up moving to a new city with no friends. And moreover we never plan for emergency trips, in my case all the way to India or to Emergency Rooms to get surgeries at midnight! Life threw in all these and so many other uncertainties in 2013 for me. All I could do was keep faith and hope for better days!

Through all these ups and downs, I let a lot of things that are fond to my heart, drift away. It had been months since I held up my camera or my painting brushes and even longer since I blogged. I stopped practicing yoga and never attempted to workout. My plans for training for a half-marathon were in the trash and so were my intentions to eat healthy. I let my emotions take over. I lived in the moment. I kept breathing to just live each moment. I did what was needed to survive the storm. Now the storm has passed, I am grabbing myself up to pick everything where I left it. Maybe not everything. Maybe one thing at a time.
Everything that defined me and my life, slid away from the fore-front, and took a back-seat. It is never easy to pick up from where you leave. To re-start and gain the same momentum is impossible especially when life has changed its course. It has to be built over time with lots of thoughts, struggle and patience. There is lots to be said for all that happened in the past few months. Meanwhile I am picking up myself slowly and here's to a new start.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday

Some days hanging in there is your only option. You cannot quit, you cannot restart and you cannot do anything about the situation. As random as these words sound, my past few experiences have been totally and crazily out of my control. As I wind up this week, I show some kindness towards myself. Don't you think, we are way too hard on our self by putting up high expectations and unnecessary pressure? I definitely think so. 

 The road you are treading might be hard and you might already be doing the best. Show some kindness to yourself and appreciate yourself for very bit of work you put in. Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My little home garden

Continuing the spring fever, lets talk about the little green friends at my residence. These have survived thorugh the winter and learned to thrive. They adore the window sill and add pretty green decor to my rather boring living space. You can notice my not so good care for these little ones. But they are dear to me.

The succulents galore. These survived through the winter and through my ignorance towards them at times. They are greener and fresher every coming day and I water them rarely!

Here is my terrarium. The plants are growing well and the whole pot looks more fresh. One of the best things to have happened recently! It is sitting on the table right by the window and looks really adorable. That little striped aloe-looking plant is my favorite! It adds such a nice drama to the entire space. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Friday

 I recently completed reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. A wonderfully written book which for some reason spoke very well to me. Reading through the different experiences Cheryl encounters, reminded me of my short yet exciting stay in California. I lived in the Bay Area for close to 10 months. My experiences were strange yet exciting in a way looking back. I did learn a lot and did have some wild experiences on my own. This snap is an ode to my days which I spent in California. 
Go have a wild weekend, Happy Friday!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Friday

Life presents so many choices everyday ranging from what coffee to order at your favorite cafe to more life-changing choices. Many a days I spend time reflecting over my choices and decisions. Today, I sit back to tell myself, the choices I have made have defined me and have shaped me into what I am today. I am more grateful for everything I have experienced  This humbles me down to be more thankful to have had choices to make rather than having none. 
This weekend I would rather take it easy and let go my regrets for my past choices and worry less about my future decisions. Would you? Happy weekend!

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