Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fitness Update - Part II

Continued from Fitness Update - part I 
Warning: All the busy souls out there, this schedule only works for me. Before you head out to make comparisons, remember I have lot of time in hand and far fewer commitments. Please make sure you don't consider me a super-woman to be doing all this. It appears larger than it actually is.

Having put together all the activities I was interested  in made half the task easy. Yet as I mentioned I had more issues to tackle. Here are the other challenges and my thoughts on tackling them:

Affordability: Yes having multiple activities means so much more money investment. It gets expensive. Yoga studios are expensive and so are running shoes! But I started this year with strong intentions to get healthy. Saving money did weigh high too but I had to make a choice. I received a small hike as part of the yearly bonus. I decided to use this for fitness. I also told myself I can continue driving my old car instead of paying up for a new car. This way I can save up some money. At the end I debated myself that if I am healthy I can earn twice the money I have today. But the day I fall sick no money can help me if my body is not strong enough to take the treatments.

Manageability: Time management is a art and I lack it. I can continue doing nothing for hours(watching TV, FBing n chit-chatting are part of doing nothing in my perspective) . This has to change. Also, productivity at work isn't great. My work doesnt require me to stay late most of the days. So when I realized this, I decided to include atleast an hour of workout everyday. But I also had to tell myslf not to fret on days when I cannot make it up. Somedays work and somedays something else crops up. I can always take them as rest days. 

Do-ability: Going from doing nothing to doing a lot of things means you are left exhausted physically. I thought it is not humanly possible to go workout after having stressed oneself for work/something else for hours. But here is the biggest point I missed. Working out did make me feel better. Physical exhaustion or mental stress, both find their way out once I finish a great workout. It is proven how exercise increases the good hormones in our body. So however tired, having done some exercise feels better than not doing it. I am definitely tired on few days but most of the days I have so much energy that I can continue with more activities and when I finally sleep I sleep like a log. This does mean I am more energetic the next day and I rarely yawn at work during the afternoons. It is a cycle. You mess one thing the other gets affected. If I am sitting and yawning at work, it implies I messed up either my food, my sleep, my workout or all of those!

Here is my workout schedule which is currently in practice. Some find it overwhelming but I am enjoying it.

Monday and Wednesday : Workout with a trainer. Yes I hooked up with a small gym with personal trainers. This has been pushing me to eat well, workout harder and see results. It is almost 2 months and yes a lot of money-investment. But I have it justified. When I lift a weight which seemed too heavy before, it surely makes me proud of my body!
Tuesday and Thrusday: Yoga. I chose Inner Power over Bikram. Mainly because driving to the studio in traffic to reach on time caused a lot of stress. This stress was higher than the benefits of yoga. IPY is hot yoga with lot of stretches which is highly needed for my tight muscles. 
Friday : Running/Walking /Dancing/Rest. It is light and not overloaded. If I cannot do much I pick up my camera and walk out to do some walking+photography for my Happy Friday series. Or else I could always go dancing : its Friday. If nothing else then rest is always good.
Saturday: Swimming, Yoga and some Jazzercise. I picked up a local YMCA for swimming classes. I am terrible at swimming but someday I will get there. Saturday starts with a early swimming class followed by Jazzercise. I found this 2 month unlimited Jazzercise coupon and it was worth trying. I get my much needed dancing and music mix here. If saturday afternoons are free I end up at the yoga studio.  
Sunday: Yoga/Jazzercise/Running/Rest : I dont over push myself on Sundays.If I spend my day cooking, cleaning and doing chores then I skip all my workouts. Totally justified. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated so that I can start my week afresh.

This is more or less a definite plan. I have most of it scheduled for after work hours. If for any reason something doesn't workout, I don't stress. I reschedule things around. My trainers are flexible or the classes are usually available all around the week . Worse case I can relax at home since I am working out during the other days. If someone asks me why I have so much physical activity included, I have my answers ready.
  • It is the best way to spend your time if you are single with few friends. Infact you make more friends.
  • It is good for health unlike boozing your face off or sitting and watching TV. 
  • More over I like doing them. It makes me feel good.

There are challenges and obstacles to everything. If you notice there has not been enough time for running. I am not able to really go running as and when I want. This is more a mental disability rather than time or physical stamina. I can manage my time well and maybe schedule running on one of the weekdays and one day for the weekend but as I said I would rather not stress. Things have been going great or rather positive I must say. 
  • I have lost 5-6lbs already, reduced my body fat and lost few inches! 
  • I feel great after workouts and I sleep well almost everyday
  • My eating is better (Next topic to be written)
  • I am utilizing my time better
Do I really need any more reasons to keep doing what I am doing? I don't think so. 

The photos for the Fitness Update posts have been taken on my mobile phone and edited by Instagram and Pixlr-o-matic apps for Android. You can follow me on Instagram ahealthyforbetter for more regular day-to-day photos. 


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