Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday

I will be posting one new photograph every Friday. I am calling this Happy Friday series. This is a motivation for me to keep my photography momentum on. Hope you like it.

Friday again! The weeks are rolling so faster. I seem to wake up on Monday morning and then it is suddenly Friday. I am loving this busy life. Know what else makes it all better? Having these dear friends around me. Yes I have few girl friends who have stood by me during the toughest times. Today's photo is taken from a bunch of flowers that arrived at my doorstep one fine day. No clue who could have sent it. Roommate insists it is my friend and asks if my friend got my birthday wrong. I say I doubt and I look at the message to find out it is really a bunch of flowers sent to me by one of my dearest girl friend. I was over joyed. I cant thank her enough for this gesture.

Instead I can thank God for giving me all these girls including my roommates who have been there for me. Someone chats everyday, another does video calls every night, someone else visits me when she knows I need it, some plan/cook dinners and lunches for me and stay for late night gossiping sessions, some one else calls me often, someone hangs out with in the office for tea/lunch and someone sends flowers and offers to hangout with me on my birthday. Each one of these girls are amazing and I am glad I have them all as my friends. Thank you girls for being there! Have a happy Friday!

Note: Girls I am sure you know I am referring to you as I purposely didnt wanna take names! 


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